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Sunrises For Scotty

I come from a large family, I'm the oldest of 5 plus my parents, and it's been quite a ride.  Everything from backyard baseball and sled riding with your siblings to a soup bowl hurled at you but demolishes a fish tank and the SWAT team called in for a misunderstanding from your toddler brother. 

I remember when each and every one of my younger 4 siblings were born and brought home, and quickly I became the oldest of 5 kids.  Scotty was the last to be born before mom and dad said "ok, that's enough".  When Scott grew from a little tiny baby into a toddler, instead of crawling he would scoot around on his butt.  Living room, to the TV room to the computer room, anywhere he would just scoot and quickly grew the nickname "Scooter".  

Scotty grew up with the rest of his older siblings.  My sisters Abby and Sara played softball in their school careers, Nick played football, I was forming the foundation to a musical education career, and Scotty also indulged into sports.  We would go fishing when we had the time, and at one time I would try to cast my bait down at Cokeburg Dam and ended up embedding a double barbed hook into Scotty's shoulder.  Sorry mom.  

Scotty grew up, fished, hunted, hung out with friends, settled down with a good job and proposed to someone the Sutton kin already call family, Amanda.  The one thing with Scooter is he's the type of person who literally will stop what he's doing if you call him up for help.  To use his truck, his muscle, anything.  I often times would tell him, dude you need to learn to say no.  But even to this day he won't.  Honest to God, you could be 3,000 miles away and he would be there when he could to help out.  

On March of this year, Scott was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma.

I'm not the type of person who understands things very well, not so much understands things but the impact just isn't there immediately.  When I heard the news I of course was upset.  But my immediate family knows how strong Scotty his, we knew he would get through this.  After surgeries, an entire summer of Chemo treatment, doctor visits, etc...Scott got to ring the bell after his last chemo treatment and all seemed to be finally cured with the young man in his 20's.  

Unfortunately, a mass in his chest has appeared, and round two of his battle is about to commence mid december.  As an older brother, I don't know what to do.  I feel helpless as I watch my youngest brother fight cancer.  In a couple days, after his birthday for God's sake, he needs to go have surgery to get a biopsy done on this mass in his chest.  The procedure doesn't sound pretty and he can't have any visitors.  I just can't imagine, that this (to me, always) kid has to go into surgery all alone when he's used to his large family always being around.  COVID-19 is to blame for no visitors as he's extremely at high risk.  I, along with the rest of my family, feel helpless.  This young man has done so much for us at the drop of a dime, and we can't even be by his bedside.  

But that brings me to the creation of this page in association with GIVE Cancer the BOOT :


I've been taking photographs for 15ish years now, and although I love the hobby and my second job as a wedding photographer, I feel like the hobby part has no purpose but to just get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air.  But now I don't feel helpless with my brother Scotty and I feel like I have a purpose with my photography.  Not only is Scott's life changing seemingly everyday, but not without a great attitude by the way, but medical bills are piling up, mortgage payments, everyday expenses, etc after being laid off from his job.  

It is now time for US to help Scotty after all HE'S done for everyone around him.  

And with that being said, this page has been created titled Sunrises for Scotty.  A sunrise represents a new day, a new life.  A new journey.  Sunrises are tough to capture, but the results are well worth it.  Waking up in time is 99% of the battle and then it's a race against time.  I named this Sunrises for Scotty to represent the year long battle he endured most of the year in a pandemic, and waking up every day at sunrise to give cancer the final push out.  

Below are 5 photos of sunrises I've taken and handpicked through the years, representing myself and my siblings : Myself, Abby, Sara, Nick and Scott.  When you purchase one or five of these photos, every single penny will be going to Scott and his foundation to help with everything outlined above.  Each size will be a different donation amount, and after your donation I ask you to please write a little note of encouragement for Scotty on this page.  Again, after shipping fees are deducted, your donation will help this tight knit family to help our Scotty who is in need. 

On behalf of the Sutton family, I can't begin to explain how thankful we are just by reading this story and message about Scott's journey.  

Thank you forever,

Ben Sutton.  



Sunrises for Scotty

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